Travel sketchbook 25: Guardian Lion, Penang fisherman jetty. This is the final one for this series, and I ended where I begun.

  1. Ocean City, Maryland, USA.
  1. New York
  1. Town Square, Krakow, Poland
  1. Wieliczka salt mine, Poland
  1. Anderton Boat lift, England
  1. Fisherman's jetty, Penang.
  1. Poland train journey

details from 'Poland train journey'

details from 'Poland train journey'

details from 'Poland train journey'

  1. Amsterdam boats
  1. Toronto lantern festival
  1. Golden Pavillion, Nan Lian Gardens, Hong Kong
  1. Kwum Yum/ Guanyin statue at Ten Thousand Buddha temple, Hong Kong.
  1. Big Buddha, Hong Kong

12.Ten thousand Buddha path, Hong Kong

  1. Tai O fishing village, Hong Kong
  1. Man Mo Temple, Tai Po Market, Hong Market
  1. Ladies Market, Hong Kong

8.Batu Batu caves, Malaysia

7.Eden Project, Cornwall, United Kingdom

  1. Hong Kong Harbour
  1. Cromer beach II, United Kingdom
  1. Po Fook Ancestral Halls, Hong Kong
  1. Po Fook memorial halls gardens
  1. 10,000 Buddha temple, Hong Kong

1.Penang clan shrine

10,000 Buddha temple, Hong Kong, on-location drawing

Penang clan shrine on-location drawing

Cromer beach, United Kingdom

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